Carbon Neutrality Module 


In 2009, Duke made the ambitious commitment to become carbon neutral by 2024.

In 2018, Duke reached a 24% reduction in emissions and updated its Climate Action Plan to reach complete neutrality by 2024.  

Carbon Neutrality 

Reaching "Carbon Neutrality" at Duke means that the university will have net zero carbon emissions in the emissions generating activities that it includes in its goal. 

Duke's CAP

It has been a decade since Duke's initial Climate Action Plan (CAP) and the university has reduced emissions by 23% to date. In effort to reduce emissions more aggressively, Duke developed the 2019 CAP Update, which estimates a potential emissions reduction of up to 84% by 2024. 

Explore Duke's CAP!

This module is designed to give a quick synopsis of the important actions Duke is taking in order to serve as a leader in sustainability. Learn about our CAP and leave your feedback and responses here!

Climate Action Plan

In 2009, Duke published its first Climate Action Plan, which has guided Duke to reduce emissions by 23% since 2007. A decade later, Duke updated its Climate Action Plan to identify new recommendations to further increase the sustainability of campus by reducing emissions and educating the Duke community. The Climate Action Plan looks at sustainability through the following five lenses.



Carbon Offsets



Read the full 2019 CAP document here ---> 

What's included in Duke's Carbon Neutrality goal?

Based on Duke's signing of the American Colleges and Universities Presidents' Climate Commitment, Duke committed to reducing emissions from the following energy- and transportation-related categories. In 2017, Duke expanded upon its commitment to include fugitive emissions from natural gas and transmission losses associated with electricity purchased from Duke Energy.

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