Duke offers


courses related to sustainability.


environmental stewardship

DukeEngage Programs.

Trillium Sustainability Fellows

work to infuse sustainability topics in academic courses.

Campus as Lab (CAL)

adopts data-analysis in efforts to generate informed


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Duke's definition of Sustainability Literacy



The interconnections and interdependency of ecological, social, and economic systems. Students should demonstrate understanding of how the health of these systems determines the sustainability of natural and human communities and cultures at local, regional, national, and global levels. 




In inquiry and systems thinking and use information gained through learning experiences in, about, and for the environment to understand the structure, components, and processes of natural and human-built environment. 




To use the above knowledge and skills to apply them in the service of society in solving climate and environmental issues and to incorporate these principles in their professional and civic life. 


Duke was the first ACC School to achieve a Zero Waste Game Day by diverting 90% of pregame waste at home Football games from the landfill and into compost & recycling streams. Volunteer this Fall for free entry into home Football games!

The Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative partnered with Delta Airlines to offset all of Duke's flights through Delta in 2017. Delta and Duke Students planted over 1,000 trees in Durham's neighborhoods with significantly less tree canopy.